Meet two women who kept their virginity at 60yrs and 96yrs

Meet two women who kept their virginity at 60yrs and 96yrs

Ngcobo (60) and Badumile Ngcobo (96) from KwaMafunza near Pietermaritzburg are the oldest women to attend the annual reed dance at Enyokeni Palace in Nongoma….

Gogo Ngipheni said: “I started going for virginity testing when I was 12. Like all the girls, I wanted to get married to a man who could buy me a beautiful house and take care of me – but this never happened. I waited for Mr Right until I was 43 and then I lost hope. I didn’t meet a man suitable to be my husband. All the men who proposed were not what I wanted. Now I am a gogo and I don’t want a man next to me.

“When I was 26, I was involved with a man and we hoped to build a bright future together. We didn’t sleep together because back then there was a practice where unmarried girls had a form of sex without penetration. We were doing things the traditional way but it didn’t work out. I heard that he was seeing another girl who wasn’t a virgin and we broke up.”

Nomagugu Ngobese of the Nomkhubulwane Culture and Youth Development Organisation said there is nothing wrong with the sisters deciding to keep their virginity.

“It is better to keep your virginity until the grave than to sleep around. Keeping your virginity is a matter of choice. I’m very proud of them. The youth should learn from them,” she said.


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