[PHOTO] World Longest Pubic Hair

[PHOTO] World Longest Pubic Hair

I guess this is the world,s longest pubic hair, I could tell from the photo, it has no rival. Its way longer than some human hair so to say


18 thoughts on “[PHOTO] World Longest Pubic Hair

  1. Would you please give some more information about the young lady,
    * What is her name?
    * Where she is from?
    * How old is she ?
    * Is there any specific place where she displays or shows her pubic hair?
    * Or is there any contact information ?
    * How could I contact her ?

      1. I don’t think that you have that much knowledge to understand why do I need these information.

  2. This is realy most amazing, terrible facts abound around us, how could a human have grown such a long unimaginable pubic hair , probably longer than the longest existing human (head) hair. I still can’t believe this.

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