See Lady Gaga,s Craziest Outfit, Really Outrageous!

Of course, we all know Lady Gaga as a crazy ass person, who can put on anything and when I say put on, that includes her make-up, her outfit, and even her hair. I could say she is the craziest person in the industry (y) ga gag gagalools, isn’t that spikes a little bit tooo weighty on head?


PHOTO: MEet World Most Handsome Man And Most Beautiful Woman

The cute man and the beautiful lady are both Arabiansc cuand they have both be selected as world most handsome and beautiful.

Sometime this year, the man was sent out of Arab for a crime; the crime was because he was too handsome and for that reason he was asked to live the country( very funny) and the lady is also a gem, and a paragon of beauty, even with her hair covered, she is still dazzling!


IDENTIFY: BEYONCE OR RIHANNA( they both be looking like twinnies in this pix)

beyyy  I screened shot this photo frm bey,s countdown video, we all know bey is not used to doing short or dark hair, but she did it, guess for a neww look, I don’t know about you, but I clearly see Rih,s face in this photo.


See The Largest Eyez In The World

Eyes as large as this are sure to see clearly even in the dark. Lol. And it looks hella scary. ey


Christina was spotted at the beach smoking an ELECTRONIC HOOKAH STICK

milan mila  Christina was spotted at the beach smoking an ELECTRONIC HOOKAH STICK that she’s CONTRACTED to promote . . . so she’s promoting smoking now


PHOTO: Can You See Waje’s Privates In This Photo

Nigerian singer, Waje recently covered Bubbles Magazine.

wajebubl wajebubl wajebubl wajebubl

The star showed off her sexy legs in this gorgeous dress. But do you see anything else?


Jada Pinkett TAKES OFF HER PANTS . . . And You Shows Off Her…………

jadaaa jadaa Jada Pinkett TAKES OFF HER PANTS . . . And You Shows Off Her CUTE LITTLE TEENY WEENY CAKES!!!

Jada keeps her body very firm for a woman in her late forties. Not bad .


We Got Pics Of Rapper French Montana . . . Getting TOP Inside A Detroit Hotel Room!! (Warning – Parental Guidance)

omgm-1372417462c5f6609323 omg137241783771e7aa72b1



Remember that report abut a year back that Jay Z and Beyonce bought Blue a $50K diamond CROWN. Well Bey just CONFIRMED IT . . . by releasing a pic of baby BLUE in her royal head gear.


A crown though . . . SERIOUSLY???blu13724170532c372974c9 blu13724170532c372974c9899