Superhead Claims That Rapper Young Berg . . . BRUTALLY BEAT HER!! (Shocking Details And Photos)

kar137121055275c1655c33karin137121055275c1655c33543 confirmed that Karrine “Superhead” Steffans is telling people that rapper Young Berg ASSAULTED and CHOKED her – while visiting her in her home.


Here’s what happened. Yesterday Karrine – was contacted by a group of females, claiming to have had RELATIONS with Karrine’s new beau. To support their CLAIM – the gals sent Superhead some PHOTOS that they had of Young Berg.


Karrine flew into a RAGE – because she noticed that the CLOTHES that Berg was wearing – weer the same clothes that he wore when he SPENT THE NIGHT AT HER HOME recently.


So Karrine EXPOSED Berg – and his ALLEGEDLY abusive ways. According to Karrine, Berg abused her periodically coming to her home drunk – and “choking” and “slapping” her.


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