Karrueche Tran: Why She Doesn’t Hate Rihanna

karrueche-tran-not-mad-at-rihanna-ffn-lead  Being in a love triangle with Chris Brown is a recipe for Rihanna and Karrueche to become arch enemies, but a source tells us EXCLUSIVELY that Karrueche doesn’t have any bad feelings towards RiRi.

“[Karrueche] doesn’t hate anyone and she would never throw shade [Rihanna’s] way,” the source explains. “They’re just two women who love the same man.”


The source adds, “But that man chose Karrueche. It’s not Karrueche’s fault things turned out that way. She can’t help that Chris’ heart chose her.”


Karrueche Tran: Happy After Chris Brown & Rihanna Breakup — No More Competition

Chris, Karrueche, and Rihanna have had a complicated love triangle over the past few years, so when Chris and Rihanna finally broke up, you can bet that Karrueche was delighted to hear the news. A source tells us EXCLUSIVELY how Karrueche felt about Chris and RiRi’s split:


Happy isn’t the right word. I’d say she’s highly thankful she doesn’t have to compete for Chris any longer. She’s always liked and loved him from day one, but things got complicated when Chris was seeing Rihanna and her at the same time. Even during that stage, Karrueche still stood by his side and loved him from a distance. She never really left when he was with Rihanna — she was just a short distance away, so to speak.




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