Kate Middleton Considering Hypnosis For ChildBirth

kate-middleton-hypno-pregnancy-leadKate Middleton, 31, is prepping for the arrival of the royal baby, and is apparently considering hypnosis for the birth. According to an insider, this type of therapy can reduce labor pains without the use of drugs. Kate is really considering all her options with her first child! Kate Thinking About Using Hypnosis In Delivery The Duchess of Cambridge is due in mid-July and we’re just counting down the days. She has also had her say in delivery details and is open to a C-section if the need arise. Now, Kate is considering the option of hypnosis during delivery. A source tells Grazia magazine, according to The Daily Mail, that advocates of the technique say that it helps women use their mind to maintain control of the delivery and learn techniques that allow the production of oxytocin, a pain relieving hormone which stimulates the uterus. The magazine also said that Kate has investigated various birthing methods. “She wants it to be natural so hypno-birthing is one option that appealed and she has been reading up on it and listening to CDs to get into the right frame of mind,” a source tells Grazia.


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