Chris Brown DUMPED Karrueche . . . Now He’s Reportedly Dating One Of Her BEST FRIEND . . . And We Got PICS!!!

chr1371468459c2bb8d68c570 chris137146890105a36d7d97 chris1371468460a309c47287It appears that Chris Brown has a new chick that he’s DEALING WITH . . . her name is Blair . . . one problem – she’s one of Karrueche’s FRIENDS. So why do we speculate that she’s dating Chris – well, there are just TOO MANY COINCIDENCES. First, the streets have been WHISPERING about Chris and Blair for a minute. But what really got our ears PERKED UP was when she flew into Los Angeles on Friday – the same say that Karrueche was flying to MIAMI for some club appearances. If you look at Blair’s vine video and her tweets, she’s clearly been staying at Breezy’s house – and chilling with Chris’ dogs. The problem is that Blair and Karrueche are friends. Peep the last pic – which shows the two playing around. Karrueche is playfully pretending to LICK Blair . . .


8 thoughts on “Chris Brown DUMPED Karrueche . . . Now He’s Reportedly Dating One Of Her BEST FRIEND . . . And We Got PICS!!!

  1. Haha,,,,,,,if this is true, rihrih is gon laugh her ass and boobs out jus like I’m bout to do ….hahahahahahahaha…..rotfl. Dat sucks!

  2. But why would Chris do a thing like that huh? Jus when did the nigga start off with karrueche, now he jumps ova bitches bf, emotionally unstable nigga…..smh

  3. Y,all need to ctfu! U don’t even knw the authencity of this gossips! And if perhaps its true, chris borwn (breezy) is an adult, let him do the fu*k he wants.

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