Beverly tells Angelo she loves him&asks if he can marry a girl like her

Beverly-Osu-and-AngeloLast night while having a quiet intimate moment together, Nigerian rep Beverly Osu told her South African love interest Angelo that she’s in love with him


PHOTO: Jealous Girlfriend sets Boyfriend’s Range Rover Sport ablaze


If your boyfriend or your girlfriend was to set your car ablaze out of Jealousy, what will you do?


Actress Paula Patton Is NO LONGER Straight Figured . . . She Got Her Hips ‘ENHANCED’!! (Before And After Pics)

paula11375179657f60c54a7b3799 paula1375179657f60c54a7b3 Well . . . maybe she just wore a corset or hips pad . . . or maybe she opted for something a little more SURGICALLY PERMANENT. Either way, she looks good with it.


BBA Update: Beverly Osu And Angelo Cant Stop Kissing/Smooching (Watch Video)

Beverly-Osu-and-Anjelo More Kissing, Intense Moments Between Beverly Osu And Angelo…………


PHOTO – Actor Nonso Diobi goes Blonde

sidjustusand_sid nonso-diobi-blond-hairA guest, Sunny Dance, Nonso Diobi, Femi Ogedengbe, Padita Agu, Alex Mouth and Yemi Blaq..Nollwood actor Nonso Diobi was spotted at the ‘Torn’ movie premiere last Saturday with friends, rocking his new blonde look. He was almost un- recognizable!

Do you like the new Nonso?


I Was On My Way To See My Dad When He died —Dr Sid Finally Opens Up About Father’s Death

sidjustusand_sid I Was On My Way To See My Dad When He died —Dr Sid Finally Opens Up About Father’s Death

Sidney Esiri a.k.a Dr Sid is one of the artistes making waves in the Nigerian music industry.


The son of late veteran actor, Justus Esiri, opens up on his relationship with his late father and his love life.






How has the journey been?

It has been interesting and full of ups and downs, I have learnt and experienced a lot, everything I have gone through today has made me a better artiste and has prepared me for all the things I am set to do in the next couple of months.


Your late dad, what was it that he taught you that you would never forget?

Everything. My dad was a teacher of many lessons .. well there are too many, I don’t know which to prioritise. He always told me to strive for perfection in anything I do,”If you work hard and always strive for perfection, you might not get it, but at least you know that you have done your best and given people your best at any point in time.”


Were you with him when he died?

No I wasn’t, I was on my way to see him when he died.


When was the last time you saw him before his death?

I saw him three weeks before he died.


What was the last conversation you had with him?

He told me he would see me later,.we talked over the phone and had a conversation about my sister and that was it. The last time I saw him, I was on guest appearance on a tv series that he was shooting and he came to pick me up.


He came to pick you up?

Yes…As a daddy’s boy…(laughs).


You recently stepped out with the woman in your life, why did it take you so long.

I didn’t step out oooo! Your blog people stepped it out for me. I did not step out with her.


If you read the article from the bloggers, the original one said meet “Dr Sid’s girlfriend.” while others said “Dr Sid flaunts his girlfriend”, The truth of the matter is that, I have been in the relationship for over a year and I have seen public relationships. In a public relationship, everybody has an opinion, If both parties are in the limelight, they would understand and know how to handle it, but for someone who is not in the public eye and doesn’t have the experience of dealing with people’s comments, it can be a challenge that can break or make a relationship.


So I have kept my relationship out of the public eye for that reason. Since it got published on the blogs, a lot of harsh things have been said to my girlfriend.


Why the controversy?

It’s not about controversy, although people have encouraged her too. Whether we like it or not, Nigerians generally do not support their own, a lot of people came out and supported us,but others came and said, I am happy for u o,


Who wore it better; Monalisa Chinda vs Kim Kardashian?

monaNICE%20(11) kim%20kScreen_20130729_212217 Monalisa Chinda and reality star Kim K in elegant black lace long gown. Who rocked it?


Meet Christina Milan,s Mum, Looking Cuter Than Her Daughter

milan13750943043b3f3c22b1 milan13750943043b3f3c22b1878 Christina Milian was in Atlanta promoting her new ELECTRONIC HOOKAH stick. Apparently it’s selling REALLY WELL.


Check out Mrs Milian . . . looking all good.


Rihanna Finally ADMITS SHE’S BISEXUAL . . . But Says She’ll ONLY EAT THE BOX . . . If The ‘P*ZZY IS PINK’!!!

riii Rihanna has been rumored to be bisexual . . . now we know WHAT IT IS!!!