BREAKING NEWS: Gang Members ATTACKED Rapper Future And Ciara . . . And It Was CARNAGE . . . GLASSES THROWN . . . BLOOD EVERYWHERE!!!

future1372859048a21edc1f91824just  received a CREDIBLE report that Ciara and Future were partying together at Greystone Manor – for the BET After Party, and the couple was ATTACKED by a group of GANG MEMBERS. The attack SHUT DOWN Greystone and had police basically SHUT DOWN THE AREA.


Luckily for Future, his security held up – and neither he nor Ciara was injured. But a member of Future’s security team was badly injured and is in stable but guarded condition at a Los Angeles hospital.


Why did the gang members attack Future? Well apparently Future CONTRACTED TO PERFORM at a club a while back – and Future TOOK the promoters money and didn’t show up. BAD MOVE. The promoter ALLEGEDLY has STREET CONNECTIONS, and well . . . he ALLEGEDLY decided to get his money wise THROUGH THE STREETS instead of through court.


Future better STOP PLAYING and pay the man his money, although we’re sure now he’s going to have to pay HOOD INTEREST on the money he owes!!


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