Police Say Rapper 50 Cent . . . ALLEGEDLY Beat Up . . . His SECRET BABYS MOTHER!!! (Find Out What REALLY Went Down . . . Pics And ALL)

cent113729355589b150c56a9604 cent13729355589b150c56a9 cent1372935559685843a13050 and Daphne have a SON together – his name is SIRE. When Daphne learned that she was pregnant, she and 50 agreed that it was in SIRE’S BEST INTEREST – for the young man to stay out of the public. 50 agreed to provide OVER AND ABOVE what a court would ORDER him to pay in child support, and Daphne agreed to keep SIRE out of the public eye. 50, being the shrewd businessman that he is – even had Daphne SIGN LEGAL PAPERWORK agreeing to keep Sire out of the public. To ensure that his new son was living well, 50 purchased a CONDO in HIS name (more on that later) and furnished it with furniture that HE BOUGHT FOR THE CONDO (more on that too). He allowed Daphne to move in and her mother too, so that they could raise Sire in a comfortable manner. 50 has been in Sire’s life SINCE BIRTH – he is a beautiful boy, we’ve seen pics. But we’re not gonna publish them here, because we’re not trying to disrespect 50s wishes for his child. Yesterday reports came out that 50 Cent ASSAULTED Daphne and vandalized HER apartment. First things first, 50 may be a LOT OF THINGS . . . but he is NOT a woman beater. He has to our knowledge (and trust, we did some digging) NEVER laid hands on any woman – this is ESPECIALLY true since he’s witnessed women in his own family get beat. And as far as the VANDALISM charges – as stated above the CONDO and the furniture inside the condo are 50 CENT’S. You can not be charged with VANDALIZING YOUR OWN ISH!! So now to the JUICY part – what caused the DUST UP between 50 and Daphne that made 50 SPAZZ OUT. Well according to the STREETS, Daphne Joy has been spending time with a Las Vegas rapper named Mally Mall (photo’d below). The nature of their relationship is NOT CLEAR . . . but we hear that Mally is known in Vegas as . . . a “MAN OF LEISURE” who provides men with “FEMALE COMPANIONSHIP.” And streets say that Daphne had been spending a lot of time with him . . . while in a relationship with 50. 50 Caught wind of what Daphne was doing, and he BLACKED OUT.


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