Miss Unizik Sends Out Full Nudes Of Herself And Her Friends

bIMG-20130624-WA004_e1 bIMG-20130624-WA008_e1_e1 bIMG-20130624-WA003_e1 When people watch movies and surf the web, instead of them to learn something good, they extract the negative part of it. Now our university girls are sending and posting nudes all over like its a religious thing.

The nude girls are students of Nigerian universities who modelled and flaunt their beauty plus their inner beauty, now this is totally appaling n disgusting.

Learnt the girls have been suspended so far by school authorities!

Know ye not that your body is the temple of God and theHolyspirit dwells therein???


22 thoughts on “Miss Unizik Sends Out Full Nudes Of Herself And Her Friends

  1. Ewwwh! *smh* who was she trying to impress? Her bf or who? I’m even short of wat else to say. Lord have mercy ….isn’t dis worst dan sordom n gomorah?

  2. Beautiful girls who could do sth more useful with their lives and themselves are soo busy rubbishing demselves for fame or what have you. Mtchewww

  3. But, what were their inner most intentions of snaping nudes photo, the probability that it will leak is sure, now look at the mess

  4. Don’t be too quick to judge ,most times some friends will take the pix from another’s phone n upload it on the internet, nobody with his or her senses intact will upload his or her naked pix on the internet!!!!

  5. @chris, surf the web, there are bitches who are in their right frame of mind who do it for fame or money ok?

  6. Don’t send your nudes, photo or vid to ur bf or lesb friend and don’t kip ur nudes in ur fone, afterall d boobs n ass is urs, dunno y peeps don’t learn their lesson and things kip happening everyday!

  7. OMG…… UNIZIK of all schools!!! What makes e proud dat I am a graduate of that same school again! Those girls are really crazzy

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