Paul Okoye Of P-Square Blasts Blogger Linda Ikeji Over Fake Story

paul887eddda8e60da493dbeb1643c6969ce paul0 pstwitqEarly hours of yesterday popular  Lagos based blogger Linda Ikeji post story on her blog that Paul Okoye of P-Square group as accept that he is the father of 19 year old former beauty Queen Elshama Iganoi.


Linda ikeji reports that  Paul Okoye of P-Square used Elshama Iganoi as his BB profile and in the reports Linda Ikeji even reports that Paul Okoye of P-Square impregnated the young lady and did not accept to be his father . The news goes viral on blogsphere in Nigeria.


Few hours later Publicity of the P-Square group denied the reports that Linda ikeji claimed Anita for Elshama Iganoi in Paul Okoye BB Profile. Here is the statement from the Square Records Publicity


”The lady holding baby is Anita not Elshama Iganoi ”


Few hours later Paul Okoye debunk the reports with twitter tweets says.


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