PROOF: Rihanna And Drake Together*pic*

rih1373545793245580a2ceTo All Of You FOLKS Who Doubted Our Report That DRAKE And RIHANNA Are Together . . . What Do Y’all Gotta Say ABOUT THIS????


7 thoughts on “PROOF: Rihanna And Drake Together*pic*

  1. shit!!!!!! i can’t believe it! i mean they’re so cute together. i hope that they are really together. drake is a good guy and rih needs someone who loves her .

  2. Wake up girl, those two kids are over n done with themselves, plus Chris has moved on and I think Rih shld too 🙂

  3. Must they always date stars like themselves, how about they date sm1 not in the lime light, the whole relationship wil still. Not walk out. *walking away*

  4. All have been hearing is how Rih liked a pix of drake or her and drake, are we sure drake is reciprocating that same love??

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