Kanye West To BE CHARGED Later TODAY . . . ARREST WARRANT Will Be Issued . . . Faces THREE YEARS IN PRISON!!! (He’s Doing TIME)

kanye137432189434bf573c9e MediaTakeOut.com spoke with a person CLOSE with a prosecutor in Los Angeles who tells us that lawyers WORKED LATE INTO THE NIGHT investigating whether to bring CRIMINAL CHARGES against Kanye West. And we’re told that they made a decision – KANYE WEST WILL BE CHARGED with Attempted Robbery in the Second Degree. The insider told MediaTakeOut.com, “This is the THIRD TIME he’s attacked one of the paparazzi. They are going to go HARD on this.”


Our snitch tells us that the charges are expected to be announced as early as TODAY in a press conference. And that a WARRANT FOR YEEZY’S ARREST will be issued immediately. Police are expected to take him into custody as early as THIS AFTERNOON – if they can FIND HIM.


If Kanye is found GUILTY, he faces up to THREE YEARS in prison. And since it is considered a violent felony, he would have to do 85% of any sentence imposed.


Kanye is reportedly still in California.


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