Miss Nigeria 2013 vs Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria 2013

nigIMG_00000043 nigIMG_00000918 mbgn480807_4590777535160_865057568_n mbgnAnna-Ebiere-Banner-Miss-Nigeria-World-2013-350x350 23 year old Ezinne Akudo Anyaoha (pictured top) won the 2013 Miss Nigeria pageant on the 6th of July while 18 year old Anna Banner (pictured bottom) won the 2013 Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria pageant on Saturday July 20th. If these two queens were in the same pageant, who would win?


18 thoughts on “Miss Nigeria 2013 vs Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria 2013

  1. Akudo Ezinne wuld definitely b picked cos she is dark and still pretteir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Banner is pretty too,being fair isn’t all.

  2. The 2nd girl is more beautiful, cox the first girl got loads of make-overs on her face, jus imagin d face without make-up

  3. Like seriously; you guys are to judge with this pix weather make-overs or not, were u rily xpecting beauty models to be out witout make-ups

  4. d mbgn award was given 2 anna out of compensation for bayelsa state miss imo s d winner which all of us even d judges knw. 4 d 2 gals above i go 4 d 1st gal d bayelsa gal dnt represent d african beauty, period!

  5. miss akudo is truely an african beauty and represents dat. miss bayelsa as we all knw is not and as such dos nt represent african beauty. it was given to miss bayelsa out of compensation, cox in the real sense, miss imo was indeed the winner

    1. Pls, what do you mean “out of compensation” imean y’all are sounding like the 2nd beauty queen was a cheat, how come it was obvious she wasn’t the winner?

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