Afrocandy Blasts Nigerians Who Watch Big Brother Africa




So you guys have to pay additional money to the Cable Companies to watch some ‘TASTELESS S*X SCENES’ by some dirty, ugly Bitches on BBA? S*x scenes that cannot move a single hair on my body?


South Africa is busy making Millions out you, using it to fix their Country while you are all fooling around and calling yourselves ‘CONSERVATIVE CULTURAL PEOPLE’ MEANWHILE YOUR YOUTHS ARE ROAMING THE STREETS HUNGRY, TOURISM IS A COMPLETE ZERO, YOUR INFRASTRUCTURE IN A COMPLETE SHAMBLE.


Tell me if the Government would allow such Program if it was created by a Nigerian? HELL NO! INSTEAD EVERYONE WILL TURN TO PASTORS AND START PREACHING ABOUT THE END TIME JUST LIKE IN MY CASE. They would tell you ‘it’s not our culture,’ Culture my foot!


All you holier than thaws are hiding in your bedrooms watching it and you come out to pretend like you don’t. Some day you will all wake up to see that you have nothing more to brag about or live on……GIANT OF AFRICA MY @$$! Ya’all can kiss my Juicy Brown @$$!afrocandy


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