Tonto Dikeh Attempts Suicide

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Tonto Dikeh tried to commit suicide a few weeks back. Unbelievable, right? I heard everything that happened on that fateful day but decided not to write about it because it’s such a sensitive issue. She really wanted to end her own life but thank God for the intervention of good friends.

“WokeUp happy n decided to share diz***I’ve bin here b4 n I can tell u we stronger Dan our problemz/painz/Etc**That day I realized SUICIDE iz for COWARDZ**if u’ve gat no1 to talk to like mii I suggezt u strt wit GOD,diz sh*tzzzz crazy(world) but it iz Ourz dnt leave it in SHAME,ILOVEU”—Tonto Dikeh


7 thoughts on “Tonto Dikeh Attempts Suicide

  1. Tonto Dikeh has got a bad mouth, she adresses ppl wrongly, says all sorta bull shit, she has to first learn how to watch the words she spits out. MtcheWww

  2. Is it true??? Or one of just how her stunts to draw attentions??? Tonto Dikeh has hurt so many, frm Rita Dominic (old cargos) linda ikeji (failed model) mercy johnson (bitch n bastard). She has a sour’ mouth. Tame ur mouth bitch!!!

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