OUCH: 70-Yr-Old Man Has 10 cm Steel Kitchen Fork Inside His PENIS

Doctors have removed a 10cm long steel fork from inside a man’s penis, after a sexual adventure went horribly wrong.


The 70-year-old visited Canberra Hospital’s emergency department complaining of bleeding genitalia. He then promptly admitted that he had inserted a piece of cutlery into his urethra in an attempt to pleasure himself. Unfortunately the attempt backfired and it became stuck, leaving him in considerable pain. Despite this, it took him 12 hours to pluck up the courage to seek medical help.


The fork was so firmly lodged inside the man’s body that doctors could not initially see the cause of the discomfort, according to the report in The International Journal of Surgery. However, once it had been located, ‘multiple retrieval methods were contemplated with success achieved via forceps traction and copious lubrication.’


The procedure was successful and the elderly man was sent home with no long-term damage. According to the article, entitled ‘An Unusual Urethral Foreign Body’, it is very rare to find alien objects lodged in the lower urinary tract. But, it said, many unexpected objects have been retrieved from other parts of the body. These include toothbrushes, pencils, allen keys, plastic cups, light bulbs, thermometers, plants and vegetables, leeches, snakes, wax and glue. peniss


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