Amber Rose Lesbian Lover Get Caughts Up In. Murder Case photo

Amber Rose Lesbian Lover Get Caughts Up In. Murder Case photo

October 02, 2013: Remember back in the day when Amber Rose used to travel the streets with her “sister” – you know the girl who used to STRIP WITH AMBER . . . and used to EAT HER BOX when Kanye was out of town? Remember . . . her name was DEZ and she also dated a bunch of celebs like Mario and Drake.

Well in case you’re wondering what type of SCANDALOUS SH*T she’s been up too . . . peep THIS.

Last November there was a SHOOTOUT IN THE STREETS of Orange County Florida. According to eyewitness reports, a man named Nelson Vargas shot and killed another man, 20 year old Stephen Thivierge. Police are not clear exactly WHAT happened or why .. . but here is what the streets are saying:

Dez had a guy who had a girlfriend she was talking to (she tatted his name on her lower back) June. And she was also f*cking another guy, well they found out about each other and bc she was being such a hoe telling that she loved them both, the two guys saw each other in a public place an shots were fired.

None of the guys died but one of the guys best friend got shot by accident an was killed on the scene.


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