KIM KARDASHIAN BABY SCANDAL!!! New Baby Pics Have People Wondering . . . Is North West REAL?????


PicStory-2013-10-06-03-45 Yesterday Kim Kardashian released a “new” pic of her daughter North West. But it caused a mini scandal amongst keen eyed observers.

Since giving birth 4 months ago, Kim released 3 pics of her daughter.

You see North West was born 4 months ago . . . but the pic that Kim released was taken more than 2 months ago. And it gets even more interesting. If you look carefully at North’s hair, and the black outfit she has on underneath the swaddle, it’s clear that all 3 pics were taken during the same photo shoot.

It seems a bit strange that a mom would have a TWO MONTH old pic of her daughter on her screen saver, given how quickly babys change at that age. It seems equally strange that Kim would keep releasing pics from the same shoot.

Some folks on the internet are beginning to wonder whether North is in fact REAL . . .


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