Skater boys! Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson enjoy some fun on four wheels before Sydney One Direction gig

Rolling: Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson play around on some skateboards during rehearsals for their Sydney gig



Sdirecarticle-0-18914F2700000578-533_638x610 direcarticle-0-1891558400000578-866_638x813 directarticle-0-18914F3700000578-508_310x447 directarticle-0-189154D800000578-613_308x449afety first: Zayn opts for a sit-down ride on his four-wheeler outside the Allphones Arena


Wearing all black, Zayn lined up his board with studious concentration, as he lowered his behind onto the fiberglass surface.


His bandmate, however, seemed to be paying tribute to quite a few sports by wearing a baseball jersey with basketball shorts as he rolled his way across the arena car park with delight.


Clearly Louis was a keen boarder as well as a star football player, having signed to his local team Doncaster Rovers this season.




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