Meet the man who hasn’t had a bath in over 60 years…


This Iranian man you see above hasn’t allegedly had a
bath for 60 years. Daily Mail reports that 80 year old
Iranian Amou Haji hasn’t washed for 60 years because
he believes being clean will make him sick, and his
favourite food is rotten porcupine.
To relax he likes to sit down and have a smoke,
from a pipe packed with animal faeces. Mr Haji
says he chose this way of life after going through
some emotional setbacks in his youth and since
then – perhaps unsurprisingly – he has become a
bit isolated.
His home is in Dejgah village in the southern
province of Fars in Iran where, once, a group of
young men offered to give him a shower – but
luckily he managed to escape.
At night he either sleeps in a hole in the ground,
which is quite like a grave, or in an open brick
shack which concerned locals built for him.


Mr Haji’s smoking pipe is filled with animal faeces
instead of tobacco
As well as cleanliness, Mr Haji also has an aversion to
clean food and drink. He much prefers the rotten meat of
dead animals and five litres of water a day from a rusty
oil can.
As for clothing, he wears rags and, in the winter, a war
helmet to ward off the cold .
The last record of longest time going without showers
belonged to a 66-year-old Indian man, Kailash Singh,
who had not taken a bath over 38 years.
Mr Haji claims to have beaten that.



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