Naomi Oni’s friend Mary Konye found guilty of acid attack


Mary Konye, the 21 year old jealous friend accused of
attacking Naomi Oni with acid on Dec. 30th 2012 while
disguised in a Muslim veil has been found guilty of the
The jury heard how a day after attacking her friend with
acid that disfigured her for life, Mary Konye pretended
to give her a shoulder to cry on, sending Naomi a text
that read “OMG, I can’t believe it.”
The pair, who had been friends since secondary school,
fell out in April 2011 after Naomi allegedly accused
Konye of texting her boyfriend and called her an “ugly
Konye later claimed in court that Naomi set up the
attack and asked her (Mary) to ‘play the stalker’ and
throw the acid on her face, which was all part of an
elaborate plan to be rich and famous. But the jury of
eight men and four women didn’t buy her story and
found her guilty.
Mary Konye will be sentenced March 7th.


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