Photos: Justin Bieber’s mug shot released



Justin Bieber was arrested Jan 23rd for driving
under the influence, drag racing & resisting arrest in
Miami. His mug shot has been released to the public
and isn’t he so cute? Nobody is stealing his vibe, Justin
made sure to look nice with his hair nicely combed for
his mug shot.
Justin has already faced a judge and posted bail.


From TMZ
According to the police report — obtained by TMZ
— cops approached Bieber’s car and they instantly
realized he reeked of alcohol and had bloodshot
eyes. He had a “stupor” look on his face.
The police report says … Bieber was defiant from
the get-go, yelling at the cops, “Why the f**k are
you doing this?” He also yelled, “What the f**k did
I do. Why did you stop me?”
When the officer tried to perform a routine pat
down, Bieber said, “I ain’t got no f**king weapons,
why do you have to search me? What the f**k is
this about?” Bieber claimed he wasn’t drunk and
coming back from recording music. That’s not
true, because we knew he was at a club.
Now the basis for the resisting arrest charge —
Before the pat down, as Bieber got out of the car,
he “kept going into his pants pocket.” The cop
ordered him to put his hands on the vehicle, and
Bieber initially complied but soon took his hands
off the car, turned and then cussed out the
cop. The cop then grabbed Justin by the right arm,
Justin pulled his arm away, and said, “What the
f**k are you doing?”
The report says Justin was driving between 55 and
60 MPH in a 30 MPH residential area.


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