Couple Die From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning While Having Sex In Their Car!

Keith Payton and Salina Johnson, both 40, from Pennsylvania, had pulled over in a garage for some quick sex. Unfortunately, they didn’t live to kiss and chat about their orgasm. The couple died from carbon monoxide poisoning after being overcome by the fumes from their exhaust.

Reports say Keith and Salina had gone to the garage to drop off something for Keith’s brother on Thursday when they decided to do a sharp one. They had, in a hurry, left their car engine running while they enjoyed themselves.

The two were discovered by a family friend who was sent by Keith’s brother to look for Keith at the garage. Emergency services were called but by the time they arrived, Keith and Salina were already dead. Their car ignition was still on but the engine had run out of fuel. Blood tests on the victims showed extremely high carbon monoxide levels.
Police believe the amorous couple were overcome by a toxic build up of fumes from their exhaust, that they had pulled over for sex because Ms Johnson was partially clothed when they were found.


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