Photos: That touching moment when a chimpanzee hugs her Rescuer


Her name is Wounda, but her name says it all. In the Congo it means ‘close to dying’ – and
that is exactly how she was found when she was taken in by the Jane Goodall Institute’s Tchimpounga Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Center in the Republic of Congo. And when she was finally released after being nursed back to health, she repaid the
kindness by hugging the well-known animal activist as realised she was free again. In the time since Wounda was found, it has taken years of care and dedication to nurse her
back to health, until finally she was strong enough to be released into the outdoors once

Suffering from a number of illnesses and losing weight fast, it was a race against time to
help save her life. Each morning, Wounda received a liter of milk. The caregivers at the center saw that she
was recovering and making good progress. Eventually, the day came when it was time for her to live her life free from human



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