Nicki Minaj releases ‘new look’ sexy photos


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A few days after she shared behind-the-scenes photos from a new shoot, Nicki
Minaj has released the shoot’s final images. The rapper works it in a revealing dress
by Mark Fast, La Ruicci fishnet body suit and Versace shoes.

yeah, and I called them new look cause we all know Nicki Minaj to wear outrageous hair do,s  and make overs! but here she held her up and her make up we’re subtle… I lov it


Nicki Minaj shows off her natural hair in sexy Instagram photos

The rapper took to her Insagram page to show off her natural hair in high ponytail (you will find the pic after the cut) and in true Nicki Minaj style, also showed off her boobs and curves…

Babe looks exceptionally beautiful with less make overs and her natural hair.
See photo below

She wrote “No perm. No extensions.” She has great hair.