Meet one of my Hot Giovannators( dopest upcoming rapper) from Nigeria ;-)


” I want you to meet ASAP Veen, a huge fan of my blog, yeah 😀 and one of my god sons ;-), he is one of the youngest dopest city rappers that I believe will soon break out.. He’s got those bars and punchlines the Nigerian hip hop needs right now. I listened to him and he’s the shit. Well too much talk can’t fill a basket. Here is a song he was featured on, he’s on the Verse two. And he did part of the hook. I’m expecting more from him soon.


Ladies, he is cute right *_* lol, so ummh, you can like to follow him on Twitter and instagram @asapveen bbm 7449185F  😉 😀


Meet One Of My Hot JGB Reader(Giovannator) From Indonesia.

This is lil Nunu as fondly called by me and she is also one of my readers, a proud Giovannator.

IMG01843-20120210-1334 nunay 100_5990

 Her name is Nununaya, she is from indonesia and she is a student. 


Nunu said she loves modelling and acting, so if you are a movie producer and a modelling agent, I’m recommending Nunu for you, she is superfit to be a model, she is pretty, slim and tall and its her dreams, so lets give her a chance 🙂 . If you interested in making her dreams a reality..send me an E-mail


 You too can be one of my hot reader, send your profile to 🙂 

Meet One Of My Hot JGB Readers (Giovannators) From Nigeria

Her name is Naura, she is from the Eastern part of Nigeria and she is in her early 20,s. She is a graduate and she loves swimming, music a nd movies. She is one of my consistent reader n blog lover and yes the babe is beautiful…she rocks!!! 

nauPhoto0265 Naura naurapicmix-1542013-193212


You too can be my hot reader(Giovannators) send your pix and profile to

PHOTO: Over 200 Countries Visited JeniesGiovanni,s Blog [STAT]

PicStory-2013-09-28-09-02 aus phil qa sa co ge cy so alHello my dear readers, I just wanna express my gratitude to all my faithful readers who have been opening my blog from time to time, as you all can see in the above pic stat, JeniesGiovanni,s blog is doing very well and I have you all to thank for that. 😀  


JeniesGiovanni,s blog has been viewed by citizens of over 200 countries and still counting in less than six months( isn’t that amazing? – yes, it is. Lol) . Most of these countries, I haven’t heard and don’t even know they existed. You all rock, and I appreciate every one of you from my heart<3 . 


When people become so dear to you, you address them not just by their names, but a sweet pet name, so I came up with this name for my readers, and I sincerely hope and wish you all would like it and appreciate my effort. Lol


I came up with this “pet name” few and I decided to share with you today….


I have decided to address all my JeniesGiovanni,s blog readers as “Giovannators”……..well, hope you like it;) .


 So, all my Giovannators worldwide, I Love You And I Appreciate You So Much. Time will fail me if I begin to mention country by country plus I,ll get tired. Lol

Plenty love<3 and Kisses:* 

       ***JeniesGiovanni,s Blog***

Giovannators: How To Keep Your Romance Alive (MUST READ)

They say love makes the world go round. Each moment of a relationship should be romantic. That means seizing every opportunity to sweeten up even the most seemingly unsentimental times together.

So here are those little gestures that keep a couple together and help them fight all odds and sustain a lifelong relationship.


Share a Secret Code: Pick a word that’s likely to come up occasionally in conversation (heat, midnight, bedroom, whipped cream…) and agree that every time someone uses it, you have to touch, anything from a kiss to a lingering thigh stroke under the table.

Get Swept Off Your Feet: Make up your own tango moves and groove with your guy for 15 minutes while you wait for dinner. Press your pelvises together, entwine your legs, and twist and twirl around the living room. “Slow dancing is so intimate,” says Godek.

Do Dishes Together: Doing dishes together is incredibly romantic,” says Janet, a 28-year-old chiropractor. “My dishwasher went on the blink one night, and my boyfriend offered to help clean up. We both rolled up our sleeves and got sudsy in the warm water. We talked about the places we’d love to travel to, the crazy things we’d like to try just once in our lives, and our hands kept touching.

Touch Tenderly in Front of the TV: When you’re both chilling out in front of the tube, heat things up with some hands-on action. Give each other mini foot massages while watching the evening news, or lay your head in his lap and let him stroke your hair.

Flash Him: When no one’s looking, give your guy a sneak peek in public. Granted, it’s not exactly violins-in-the-background romantic, but it’s certainly guaranteed to send his heart (and pulse) soaring.


BABOON ATTACK: Monkeys Invade And Terrorize Residents In South Africa (PHOTOS)

In the street battle for supremacy between man and baboon, it can only be said that both sides are using guerrilla tactics.

battack1 battack2 battack4

For the baboons it means swarming SAS style up the sheer sides of blocks of flats, prising open windows and plundering anything that is inside. Usually they just want food, but sometimes a flapping set of net curtains or a child’s cuddly toy bear can provide some added entertainment.


For the humans, the weapons of choice – given that their enemy is a protected species – tend to be paintball guns and pepper sprays. They have the momentary effect of driving the baboons away, but hunger and sheer nerve always bring them back.


As the pictures below show, these are the scenes which regularly affect life in Cape Town, South Africa, where man and baboon share a sometimes uncomfortable existence.

Happy New Month Everyone!!

HNMBeautiful_sky_by_Andycap Some days you will find it so difficult to get out of your bed because of how pointless everything  around you seems. Some days you won’t want to open your eyes because you don’t want to once again come face to face with yet another failure in your life. Sometimes you wonder what you are doing wrong, why you’re not where you want to be, why you haven’t risen at all when you’ve worked so hard, or why you’ve fallen so hard when you’ve done your best. Sometimes it feels like no matter how hard you try, the life that you want will always be out of reach. Then some of us say phuck it I’m done!


It’s too hard and too painful to dream so you’re done fighting. But you can’t be done. You can’t give up now. You see, sometimes God delays his blessings to us for a reason. Maybe He thinks you’re not ready to handle all that power. May He’s just taking His time, waiting, watching, to see how far you’re willing to go, to see how much you’re willing to sacrifice. Maybe your appointed time has not come yet. But it will definitely come. Just because it hasn’t happened for you yet doesn’t mean it never will. You just have to keep fighting until it’s your turn to receive God’s immense blessings.


I’m not better than you. I don’t work harder than you. If He can bless me, He can bless you.

Just keep looking ahead and keep believing. You deserve it. IT will come to you…eventually.

Happy New Month